Pelham Preservation & Garden Society
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Preservation & Restoration of the Pelham Train Station

The Pelham Preservation Society is engaged in an effort to garner support from all stakeholders, including the MTA, MetroNorth, state elected officials and local municipal boards to undertake a restoration of the Pelham Train Station, including replacement of the aged asphalt roof with more historic material and re-painting of the station using a palette of historic colors.  We are also working to encourage the repair and preservation of the Highbrook Avenue tunnel underpass and the painting and restoration of the Wolfs Lane riveted steel overpass.

These efforts follow from the Pelham Preservation Society's long-standing commitment to the preservation and restoration of the Pelham Train Station and surrounding green spaces. Beginning with the renovation of the parking lots and areas around the train station spearheaded by the Village of Pelham in cooperation with the MTA and with funding support from former State Senator Guy Velella, the Pelham Preservation Society committed to planting the (then) new traffic circle on the south side of the station, including the planting of a substantial caliper American "Princeton Elm" tree.  Subsequently, the organization helped replace the sign in the traffic circle on the southside of the station.  More recently, the Society re-planted around the elm tree with Oak Leaf Hydrangea, decorative grasses and spring-flowering bulbs.

Pelham Train Station in c. 1927 after Pelhamwood Avenue was put through to Highbrook Avenue

Highbrook Tunnel Under Construction 1902

More Historic Photos of Pelham Train Station 

New Station Sign

Station Sign Before Replacement

Re-Planting Traffic Circle 2009