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139 Fifth Avenue


Statement of Pelham Preservation Society in support of 139 Fifth Avenue before Village Board, February 11, 2020:

The Pelham Preservation Society has and does support reasonably-scaled development in Pelham that has an overall design and architectural detail that enhances the surrounding neighborhood and streetscape.  By extensive involvement from the community and a high level of responsiveness by the developer and architect of the proposed building at 139 Fifth Avenue, this proposed apartment building is consistent with this kind of responsible development. We are very pleased that, in the review process by the hard-working and dedicated members of the Architectural Review and Planning Boards with input from the public, the Pelham Preservation Society and other organizations, the facade has been substantially revised to remove proposed balconies, to align the facade elements with the adjoining building at 135 Fifth Avenue and to adopt an overall design that is consistent with Pelham's historic downtown architecture. We also applaud the elimination of a floor and revisions to the penthouse level to reduce the overall height of the building so as to reduce the obstruction of west-facing views of homes on Sixth Avenue.

We hasten to add that we do ask the village to be diligent in ensuring that the building is built according to the final plans approved by the Architectural Review Board so that there is not a situation as occurred with the new apartments on Boulevard West where it was determined after the scaffolding came down that the developer did not conform to the approved plans.