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Stop the 120-foot Cell Tower

The New York State Department of Transportation has delegated to Crown Castle International Corporation, the management of the DOT's communication facilities.  Crown first proposed construction of a 130-foot cell tower in Pelham on Wolfs Lane at the corner of Colonial Avenue.  The Pelham Preservation Society joined the mayors of both villages and other Pelham organizations in opposing and stopping this proposal.  Crown now proposes to build the tower in Pelham Manor at exit 7 on the southbound side of the Hutchinson Parkway at the Boston Post Road.  This tower would be approximately six times the height of the Hutchinson overpass bridge on the Post Road and would have a significant adverse visual effect on homes on the neighborhood surrounding Secor Lane.   The Pelham Preservation Society supports keeping this area as the green parkland buffer that was intended when the Hutchinson Parkway was constructed.  Read the full letter and proposal from the NYS Department of Transportation
Join us in opposing this cell tower by contacting New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi at 718-822-2049 (, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin at 914-723-1115 and Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Lapey at 914-738-8820 (

Email us if you would like to help oppose the cell tower or to be kept informed about the issue at:

Reasons to oppose a cell tower in this location:
- the DOT proposal would install a 120-foot tower at the gateway to Pelham Manor from the Hutchinson Parkway;
- a celltower in this location would define Pelham Manor and Westchester County in a negative way;
- trees and open space at this corner would be cleared to make way for a chain-link fenced area, enclosing not just a tower, but ground level equipment and an access driveway;
- the propsed tower would have a substantial adverse effect on residential homes on the surrounding Pelham Manor Neighborhoods, including James Street, Manger Circle, Wolfs Lane, Ely Avenue, Secor Lane, Split Rock Road and Jackson, Washington and Grant Avenues;
- the land on which this tower is proposed was acquired originally by Westchester County to be a parkland buffer when the Hutchinson Parkway was constructed with the stated purposed to protect and enhance adjoining residential areas and to prevent industrial uses such as now proposed;
- NYS assumed control of the Parkway from the County and must honor the parkland status of the land.