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Summary of Pelham Preservation Society Zoning Compromise

The Pelham Preservation Society supports reasonably-scaled development in Pelham's downtown to revitalize the commercial area without impacting village services or placing additional burdens on our education system.  In the hope of reaching some compromise to the large-scale apartment buildings supported by Mayor Volpe, Pelham Preservation Society suggested alternative approaches that would instead:

  • Encourage the construction of office buildings by allowing a "bonus" floor over and above the existing zoning for office buildings in the business districts and expanding the allowable size of office buildings in the two office zoning districts;
  • Change the lot area requirements in the Business-1 district that would make it easier to build reasonably-sized residential apartments within the existing 40 foot heigh limits;
  • Allow for single-family townhouses INSTEAD OF high-rise apartment buildings;
  • Adopt sensible changes to the zoning code AND NOT MAKE USE A "FLOATING ZONE" that would allow the village board to "spot zone" sites for higher buildings at their discretion.